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Rory's Story Cubes Challenge I: Week 1

This was the first week of the first round of the challenge, and I think my response was my second favorite of the ones I've written. Becca and Chris have an unusual friendship — she's a mentor to him in many ways — and I like exploring the two of them together.


“He’s a bully, and they always go for the weak.” Chris rubbed the scar on his forearm, his thumb tracing the long line. “But you’re right. I’ve never seen him do anything in public I could report.”

Becca sighed. “Nobody has.” She frowned. “I know when Riordan tells those stories about the days when the mob used the town as a safe spot to gather away from the city, he glosses over the ugly parts. But there are days I wish it was possible to put out a contract on the man.”

“Don’t say that where others can hear you.” Chris cocked an eyebrow. “One of these days somebody will kill the bastard, and you’re going to be the prime suspect.”

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I didn't post the photo for this one, but here's the set of images: Abacus, parachutist, skyscraper, lightbulb, padlock, devil/ghost/halloween, question mark, eye, arrow