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ATIN 14 LGBT LFI'm not sure if Amazon's new subcategories get the credit or not, but my novel had a sales spike after they added them and ended up in the LGBT literary fiction Top 100 list and has managed to stay there most of the week. :D :D It made it as high as No. 14 yesterday, and I'm hoping that if the sales stay at the same level for a few weeks that it will stay up in the top 20-25. (Right now it bounces up and then slides back to the 30-50 range, then bounces up again with a slower slide down. If it sells consistently at the same level, the slide gets slower and slower. Yes, I know too much about how Amazon's algorithms work.)
Title: Finding The Way
Author: colorguard28
Summary: The MCRT must eliminate the Reynosa cartel to survive. But the effects of the hunt push Ziva to a breaking point that might destroy more than just her.
Pairings: Ziva/Damon, established Tony/McGee, established Jimmy/Abby, pre-Sarah McGee/Josh Cooper
Warnings: Some of these are standard warnings and some aren't but are topics that could be triggering for some: Sexual trauma, rape, issues surrounding fertility and pregnancy (miscarriage, abortion, infertility), PTSD, BDSM, abuse, torture and questions of consent.
Rating: M for violence, dark themes

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NFA runs a weekly drabble challenge, and I've been participating for two weeks and expanding upon it by using the same prompt for five drabbles, one in each of my fandoms, plus one in Exeter (my original fic world). Now to see if I can make all the cuts work right. ;)

NCIS is gen Abby, LA is gen Callen/preseries, Hawaii 5-0 is slight McDanno, Covert Affairs is gen Season 1 Annie, Exeter is Becca and her niece Ellie. No warnings for any and all are rated G.

Prompt: Practice

NCISCollapse )

Drabble 2:

NICS: LACollapse )

Drabble 3:

Hawaii-5-0Collapse )

Drabble 4:

Covert AffairsCollapse )

Drabble 5:

ExeterCollapse )

Hope you enjoyed some or all of the drabbles!

Rory's Story Cubes Challenge IV: Week 6

It's Wednesday morning, which is Story Cubes time. The pic this week is a little blurry around the edges. :( But you can still tell what everything is! :)

If you want to play, come on over to the original post and leave a link to your fic. (Or don't - you can use the prompt without sharing the results. Your decision.) 

Rory's Story Cubes Challenge I: Week 1

This was the first week of the first round of the challenge, and I think my response was my second favorite of the ones I've written. Becca and Chris have an unusual friendship — she's a mentor to him in many ways — and I like exploring the two of them together.


“He’s a bully, and they always go for the weak.” Chris rubbed the scar on his forearm, his thumb tracing the long line. “But you’re right. I’ve never seen him do anything in public I could report.”

Becca sighed. “Nobody has.” She frowned. “I know when Riordan tells those stories about the days when the mob used the town as a safe spot to gather away from the city, he glosses over the ugly parts. But there are days I wish it was possible to put out a contract on the man.”

“Don’t say that where others can hear you.” Chris cocked an eyebrow. “One of these days somebody will kill the bastard, and you’re going to be the prime suspect.”

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I didn't post the photo for this one, but here's the set of images: Abacus, parachutist, skyscraper, lightbulb, padlock, devil/ghost/halloween, question mark, eye, arrow

Rory's Story Cubes Challenge archives

If you liked Wednesday's challenge prompt, here's one from the archives I never cross-posted here. If you haven't taken the challenge, the goal is to write a piece of fiction — fanfic or original fic - that works in all nine images. If you do, please post the link in the comments - I love to see what people do with the challenge.

Rory's Story Cubes Challenge IV: Week 5

No, I haven't died. Life has just been INSANE. It's slowly getting more sane - I've got a new NCIS fanfic coming the end of the month, and I've signed up for the NCIS Big Bang to write the next Breathe epic. Yes, really. ;) This is the one that deals with the Somalia aftermath Ziva's been suppressing, so it's going to be intense.

In the meantime, I'm trying to get better about blogging here and at my original fic site. Since LJ is where I first discovered Rory's Story Cubes back when catwalksalone posted about them years ago, I figured I'd come cross-post my weekly Story Cubes Challenge writing prompt. (I'm still getting caught up - I need to post my Week 1 story tonight.)

This week's Story Cubes Prompt

All the past prompts

Yay! My book's now available on Amazon!

Me, giddy Never. :)

Yes, you read that right. My novel is now available in paperback on Amazon. The ebook should be available closer to the Jan. 29 release date, if you'd rather wait for that edition. 

Blurb: The last time Dan Reilly saw his childhood best friend was when theState Police arrested Rick’s dad for trying to kill Dan and his uncle. After twenty years, Rick Murray has come back to Exeter and brought whispers of the past with him. As childhood memories run headlong into the reality of what happened that summer, both men must adjust to the idea that things weren’t as simple as they seemed back then.

All That Is Necessary explores the collision between past and present, between memory and reality, and between two former friends whose lives changed one summer.

If you decide to try the book, I'd love to know what you think. This is, as you'll discover, just the first in the Exeter series. Feedback that will help me make the rest of the books in the series better is greatly appreciated! 
AN: I'm reposting this fic from February. Why? Well, the song in it (Somewhere Out There, from An American Tail) was a song with special meaning to me as a kid because while it was still popular on the radio, my best friend moved away. We lost touch after a year or two, but I always wondered what happened to him. Every time I heard this song, I would think of him. More than 20 years went by, and I still never knew. So for me, this song was a chance to give the team the happy ending of finally reuniting. Maybe there was a bit of karma involved, because this week he and I reconnected, quite by chance. He also had always wondered what had happened to me. Now we're catching up on almost 25 years and talking about getting together at some point.

Title: Same Bright Star
Rating: G
Word Count: 2143
Genre: Character Study
Pairing: None
Summary: After Vance disbands the team, they are spread around the world. But one thing connects them, even when they're apart. Judgment Day tag. Hiatus spoilers. Winner of the NFA Hope In The Darkness Challenge.
Disclaimer: Not mine, not making any money. Just playing a bit.

Same Bright StarCollapse )

Woohoo!!!! DONE!

I just finished novel revisions!!!! (Yes, that required four exclamation points.)

I have critique group this afternoon, so I'm sure I'll get comments from my critique buddy on things that need fixing, but for the first time since I went from a book set all in 1991 to one that's 1991/present, I have a complete draft I actually feel OK about showing people.

I'm going to try and incorporate crit group comments I've been stockpiling on the early chapters, plus today's, tomorrow morning, then send it to a first group of beta readers tomorrow. Hoping to get feedback on it so I can do more revisions Thanksgiving week when I'm on vacation, then send to the second-round beta readers. Hopefully after that, all I'll need are final edits. *crosses fingers*

(And yes, this does mean I'll probably be getting back to various fanfic projects soon.)

Stormy Sandy and deadlines

Fortunately, my area's on the outer edge of Sandy, so the weather hasn't been nearly as bad as in some other places. It has thrown a wrench in my crazy Halloween deadline schedule, though. :( So, here's a brief writing update:

Patience: This NCIS WIP is due for an NFA challenge on Halloween, so it's my No. 1 priority. I'm two chapters away from being done writing it, four away from being done posting it. I'm not quite as happy with it as I'd hoped, but I'm hoping that's mostly me being overly picky. :P

All That Is Necessary: The novel that would not end. :P I'm working my way through for revisions. I was trying to finish for Halloween, but Sandy took care of that. I want to get it out to betas before Election Day, though, so pushing ahead on that. (I'm still trying to find two more people to beta, so if you're interested and are OK with a gay protagonist, please let me know.)

Work writing: I've got a freelance piece and a big feature package for my paper that really need to get done this week, too. Really have to dig in on those in the next two days.

Other fanfic: I've got three major projects in mind. One is a Big Bang for Covert Affairs. Jai-Auggie pre-series friendship fic. That's got to be drafted by January and will post in April. Another is partially Kyrie's fault and is a triple crossover - NCIS, NCIS:LA and Hawaii 5-0. Gen, case fic, but with all the banter of the three shows, so there will be lots of things that can be read shippily if you want. That's just for me, so it's going to get fit in with my other projects. Finally, I think I'm finally getting to a place where I can write Breathe again, so at some point I'd like to tackle the post-Life Ziva-centric story I promised that addresses Somalia. Again, no deadline on that one so not sure what the timeframe is on it.

Other original fic: I want to get back into the Story Cubes Challenge again and start posting those snippets, especially since I finally have a FictionPress account (jenniecoughlin). I also have some stories in mind for a second Stories From Exeter collection. Working title is "The Way We Were" and the stories are looking at some of the couples in Exeter and how they came to be couples.

Story Cubes Challenge prompt

If you're looking for a story spark, this week's Story Cubes Challenge is up at my original fic blog.

If you've never played with Story Cubes, they're dice with images. The challenge (in this case) is to write a story that uses all nine images. It's a fun writing exercise. (Well, I think it's fun. I might just be weird.)

Fun in Photoshop!

I spent the morning working on cover mockups for the novel since this cold has my brain too fogged for revisions. Please head over and vote for your favorite! (Or tell me they're all blah and I need to go back to the drawing board.)

Writing my way through life

Inspired by Tejas, I figured I'd do my own "path of a writer" post.

First, I don't ever remember not writing. My mom taught me my alphabet when I was about nine months old using the Boston Globe. She'd sit me on her lap while she read the paper, and to would have me find all the "a"s on a page to keep me occupied. When I learned one letter, she'd move on to the next. After all the lowercase ones, she started teaching me the capital letters.

What I do remember is winning my first prize for writing in second grade. I don't remember what I wrote, but I got free passes to Edaville Railroad at Christmastime, and I remember that. (My mom remembers that she didn't think it was one of my better writing examples from then.)

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Jesse Stern tweeted that Brian Dietzen is playing a role in the pilot he's filming. *cheers* Rumor has it Paul Telfer (who played Damon Werth) also has a role. Please let a network pick this up!

Fic updates

I'm starting to think sanity might finally be returning to my writing life (yay!). Just a quick update on where my various projects are. I'm kind of in limbo this week because my keyboard's R key doesn't work so I can't write anything at home. (Seriously, couldn't it have been Q or Z or X?)

All That Is Necessary (Exeter): Novel is in final revisions and scheduled to come out in January. If you want updates on that when it gets closer, please let me know. Also, I'm going to be passing it around to betas at the end of the month. If you're interested in being a beta reader, please let me know. You'll get a mention in the acknowledgments section and my undying gratitude.

Patience (NCIS): I still think I'm going to be finished by Halloween for NFA's Stories that Scared Even Me challenge, but it's probably another week or two before I post the next update - I need to get ATIN out to the betas first. I promise, I haven't abandoned it.

NCIS LA: Nothing planned in this fandom for now. I think the ending to last season shocked my plot bunnies speechless.

Hawaii 5-0: I've got a couple of drafted fics in this fandom, but they need some more work before they're ready for posting. One's a tag to 02.10 (North Korea) and one to 02.03 (SEAL Team 9). I've got a couple of other bunnies hopping around for this, but I'm waiting to see how S3 starts out before I let them out to roam.

Covert Affairs: I think I'm going to sign up for the Small Fandom Big Bang for this one. It's small as Big Bangs go - only 10K words - and the deadline is the end of January. Not sure exactly what I'm going to do — I've got a few ideas — but I can noodle around some once I get through ATIN and Patience. I'm torn among a Jai-Auggie friendship pre-series piece tagging off of Auggie's conversation with Henry a couple weeks ago or a S3 Annie/Auggie story looking at all the UST they've had this season amid the secrets or a Joan-Lena piece (pre-series or S3) that delves into the antagonism there. Anybody have an opinion one way or another?

Insanity and cuteness

My sister finally had her baby, who I'm nicknaming SuperBaby online. (She was rolling from her back to her side and her belly to her side at four days old.) She's adorable! And her mother would kill me if I posted her picture, so I won't. You'll just have to take my word for it. :)

She's also my incentive to get novel revisions done. If I do, I can use my week of vacation time in October to head north and visit her and the rest of the family. If not, I'll be using that week to revise. (Also, the sooner I get novel revisions done, the sooner I can get back to Patience before everybody reading it loses their patience with me - pun intended.)

Why the push on novel revisions? Because it's coming out in January. See!

(This is the back of the promo postcards that are out - only the right half is the new book.)

Rory's Story Cubes Challenge: Week 18

Looking for a writing prompt? Check out my weekly Rory's Story Cubes Challenge at my original fiction site. We're up to Week 18, but you can jump in and do any of them at any time.

Not dead - just revising

I've been MIA from a lot of places lately, including here, thanks to work insanity and novel revisions. I've got a couple of fanfic pieces that are still on the to-do list — one posted as a WIP (NCIS: Patience) and one not (Hawaii Five-0), but I figured I'd go ahead and post the link to the (free!) novel excerpt for my book that comes out in January. *happy dance*

All That Is Necessary: The last time Dan Reilly saw his childhood best friend was when the State Police arrested Rick’s dad for trying to kill Dan and his uncle. After twenty years, Rick Murray has come back to Exeter and brought whispers of the past with him. As childhood memories run headlong into the reality of what happened that summer, both men must adjust to the idea that things weren’t as simple as they seemed back then.

Hope you enjoy! And hopefully I'll get far enough ahead on final revisions to get back to fanfiction soon...

Fic: Risking Everything (H50, G, Duke)

Title: Risking Everything
Rating: G
Pairing: None
Genre: Character Study, Episode Tag
Summary: Sgt. Lukela has seen the Five-0 team in action just often enough to read between the lines. Spoilers for episodes 01.08, 01.12, 01.15 and 01.24. (Meka, collar bomb, tsunami, S1 finale)
Author's Note: This started because I couldn't help but wonder what Duke was thinking during the scene where they arrested Commander Hale and Danny tells Steve to say it one last time. So I worked forward and backward and ended up with this take on the Season 1 arc from Duke's perspective.
Disclaimer: Recognizable characters are the property of CBS and their creators. Not making any money, and no characters were harmed in the writing of this fic.

Risking EverythingCollapse )

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